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Deborah Cox – Kazaisú Rosé


Deborah Cox – Kazaisú Rosé

Picture a magical evening in the heart of Miami at the iconic Red Rooster Overtown, where the unveiling of Deborah Cox’s Kazaisu Rosé became an enchanting blend of music, culinary mastery, and divine libations. The soulful aura of Deborah Cox, the culinary genius of Chef Marcus Samuelsson, and the silky tones of Kazaisu Rosé effortlessly came together in this vibrant celebration. Red Rooster Overtown, known for its diverse and eclectic menu, provided the perfect setting for this sophisticated affair. Chef Samuelsson’s globally-inspired dishes, from irresistible appetizers to mouthwatering main courses, danced in harmony with the crisp and refreshing notes of Kazaisu Rosé, creating a symphony for the taste buds. Deborah Cox, bringing her engaging personality to the forefront, added a touch of glamour as she passionately introduced Kazaisu Rosé. The Rosé itself, with its delicate blush hue and a delightful bouquet of floral and fruity notes, is set to become a must-have for wine enthusiasts. Beyond a simple wine launch, this event was a immersive celebration of culture, creativity, and the art of living well, leaving an unforgettable mark at the crossroads of music, culinary arts, and fine wine.

Kazaisu, (Deborah Cox) at Red Rooster from GROVE BAY HOSPITALITY GROUP on Vimeo.

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